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Chief’s Message

As we move into the summer season, we at the Sand City Police Department would like to wish you a safe and happy season. The summer is a great time to get out and enjoy everything the Peninsula has to offer.  BBQ’s and beach days can create lasting memories with friends and family.  Be careful not to overdo it.  If you plan on drinking, be sure to arrange for a ride or a designated driver.  Don’t let a bad decision ruin your summer or your life.
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Sand City is a great destination for beach days and shopping.  Please remember to be careful while driving through town and parking lots.  Kids will be out of school and may be distracted.  Here are some quick tips to prevent problems and heartache while shopping and parking at the beach:

Do not leave any valuables inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle.  Cell phones, tablets, purses, gifts, etc are tempting to thieves who will break into your vehicle.  Valuables should be locked in the trunk.

While shopping or at the beach, do not leave your purse or personal belongings unattended.

Always be aware of your surroundings.  If you see someone suspicious, avoid contacting them and call the police.

Do not use your cell phone or text while driving, particularly while in parking lots.  Distracted driving leads to traffic collisions.

Thanks and have a great summer season!

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