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The Finance Department’s goals are:

  • To provide needed financial information to make informed decisions for the City and its citizens.
  • To ensure the safety and security of the City’s assets.
  • To develop and follow sound financial strategies for business decisions.
  • To actively support the business community.

The Finance Department is responsible for the overall management and supervision of the accounting department. This department is also responsible for the purchasing functions which includes the processing of all City purchase orders, and development and maintenance of purchasing policies and procedures.

In addition, the Budget function falls under the finance department to include the coordination of the budget process, budget control and compliance, developing budget reports and procedures. Accounting staff members are often requested to produce statistical information, analyze past operations, and estimate the cost of future endeavors.

The Finance Department includes all the functions related to accounting; including expenditures, revenues and other transactions in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals in a timely and accurate manner. Staff also coordinates and ensures that all payroll, payroll taxes are paid, and accurately follows up with all employees benefits plans.

The Finance Department also serves as the Revenue department. It is responsible for the receipt and accounting of all monies received by the City. This department oversees the bank reconciliation, the investment of excess funds in an equitable and safe way, along with the availability of funds when needed.

This department oversees the administration of the business license ordinance on all businesses doing business within the City. Staff maintains the individual business information on each business, audits the payments and annually coordinates the license renewal process.

After coordination of all the accounting , budgeting, payroll, business licensing and financial reporting, the department serves as the audit liaison for all financial, compliance, and grant related audits.

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Use Tax
For more information and to better understand Use Tax:

Community-wide benefits of Redevelopment

The positive effects of redevelopment that extend outside the project area include:

  • More job opportunities (retail, service, office, and/or manufacturing jobs);
  • Construction jobs created by the development of new buildings and new infrastructure and the remodeling of existing buildings
  • New cultural, shopping, and recreation opportunities within the community;
  • Modern dollars flowing into the City budget as a result of redevelopment activities (sales tax, hotel tax, and utility tax revenues) in order to provide greater public safety and services;
  • Reversal of the financial drain of the blighted area into a positive financial asset to the community;
  • Improvement of the area without increasing an individual’s property taxes (unless there is change in ownership, new construction, or major remodeling);
  • Stopping the spread of deterioration and blight;
  • Forges public/private partnerships;
  • Provides affordable housing; and
  • Spurns local economy.