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Prevent accidental fires in your neighborhood. Report fireworks and hazards to the Dispatch Center at (831) 394-6811. Stay safe everyone!

City Council and Committees

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For more information on the City Council or committees, contact the City Clerk. 

City Council 

The City Council is responsible to the citizens of Sand City for the proper and orderly government of the City and is directly elected by the registered voters of Sand City. As the legislative body, the Council enacts the laws and establishes the policies which govern the many activities of the City.

The Council is composed of five members elected at large to staggered terms. Councilmember terms last for four years, though the Mayoral term is only for two years. The Council appoints the City Administrator, City Attorney, and members of advisory committees. The Council chooses one of its members as Vice-Mayor, who presides at the Council meetings in the absence of the Mayor.

The Council receives recommendations on proposed legislation from the Mayor, the City Administrator, department heads, various committees and the general public. In each legislative enactment, comments from citizens and organizations are heard and considered.

The Council is also responsible for adopting the City’s annual budget and authorizes the expenditure of funds for items in the budget. Plans and specifications for public works are approved by the City Council.

 Member  Position  Term Ending
 Mary Ann Carbone  Mayor  December 31, 2020
 Jerry Blackwelder  Vice Mayor  December 31, 2020
 Kim Cruz  Councilmember  December 31, 2021
 Gregory Hawthorne  Councilmember  December 31, 2021
 Elizabeth Sofer  Councilmember  December 31, 2021


Art Committee
Coastal Committee
Design Review Committee
Housing Committee
Parking Committee
Budget and Personnel Committee
Public Safety
West End Oversight Committee