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Aaron Blair

City Manager

Phone: (831) 394-3054 x212
Email: aaron@sandcityca.org

The City Manager oversees all City employees to ensure efficient personnel management. He serves as the City Treasurer/Finance Officer and Executive Director of the former Redevelopment Agency and represents the City with public agencies, private organizations, boards, commissions, city residents, businesses and property owners.
Linda Scholink

Administrative Services Director
City Clerk

Phone: (831) 394-3054 x220
Email: linda@sandcityca.org

While providing administrative services, assistance and coordination for other city departments and to department heads, Linda serves as Director of Administration with primary responsibilities to supervise the administrative, personnel and financial systems of the City. She is responsible for selection, orientation, training and supervision of City personnel and implements new policies and procedures among clerical personnel. She ensures that personnel, financial and budgetary records, agreements and contracts are maintained in compliance with governmental standards and internal policies and procedures for all employees and oversees financial record keeping systems
Charles Pooler

City Planner

Phone: (831) 394-6700 x216
Email: chuck@sandcityca.org

Charles performs city planning activities in accordance with city planning policies and ordinance. He provides information to the public, interprets ordinances and policies, processes applications, analyzes and prepares documents and other matters for action by city staff,  advisory bodies, the City Council. This position also includes collecting and analyzing data for special studies and comprehensive projects related to planning. He reports directly to the City Administrator
Connie Horca

Deputy City Clerk/
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (831) 394-3054 x 222
Email: connie@sandcityca.org

Connie provides clerical and administrative support to Department Heads, the City Administrator and Council Members. She regularly prepares agendas, packets and related information for City Council/Redevelopment Agency meetings as well as attends the meetings and prepares minutes. She maintains City/Agency files, lists, records and schedules while overseeing meeting room usage and office equipment.
Devon Lazzarino

Finance Specialist

Phone: (831) 394-3054 x219
Email: devon@sandcityca.org

Serving as assistant to the Director of Administrative Services, Devon is responsible for general office duties with a primary focus on financial matters including payroll and accounts payable/receivable. She maintains business licenses, prepares billings and assists in preparing financial reports and budgets. Additionally, she is responsible for tracking City assets and inventory including City property and City equipment.
Vibeke Norgaard

Contract City Attorney/Legal Counsel

Phone: (831) 624-1971
Email: vibeke@vnorgaardlaw.com

Vibeke provides general legal services common to the routine operations of a City and Redevelopment Agency. This includes attendance at all regular, special and study sessions of the City Council and Redevelopment Agency, assistance with preparation of agendas and phone consultation as needed. She also manages and supervises outside special legal counsel.
Leon Gomez

Contract City Engineer

Phone: (831) 789-8670
Email: leon.gomez@weareharris.com

The City Engineer’s primary responsibility is to design, implement, and manage civil improvement projects outlined in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan including street and utility improvements. He reviews grading, drainage and civil engineering plans as part of a development project’s plan check review prior to issuance of building permits. Additionally, he oversees the cost of and completion of City projects.
Mark Parker

Public Works Foreman

Phone:(831) 394-1386
Email: publicworks@sandcityca.org

Mark supervises work crew engaged in street maintenance, street striping, and storm drain maintenance, in addition to construction, maintenance and repair of city facilities. Responsibilities include maintenance of City landscaping, parks, street trees, and much more while providing “hands-on” support for all tasks. Mark orders equipment and supplies, maintains inventories, and produces monthly public works department reports as required as well as responds to emergency calls.
Fred Menezes III

Maintenance Worker III

Phone: (831) 394-1386

Fred is responsible for organizing equipment and supplies purchased by the City and maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of City Hall and its surroundings. He assists with street maintenance repairs including replacing street signs, street striping and curb painting and also performs limited construction work. Fred serves as assistant to the Public Works Foreman.
Richard Garza

Maintenance Worker II

Phone: (831) 394-1386

Richard is responsible for janitorial services, street and building maintenance, gardening, and parks maintenance. He maintains the cleanliness and appearance of City Hall and its surroundings while assisting the Public Works Foreman as needed.

City Hall : 1 Pendergrass Way, Sand City, CA 93955
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