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Garbage & Recycling Services

Business Recycling Requirements

Did you know that California State Law AB 341 (2011) requires commercial entities that generate four or more cubic yards of waste per week and all multi-family complexes of five or more units to implement recycling programs? For more information, please visit:

Protect Your Central Coast on Mandatory Commerical Recycling

GreenWaste Recovery on Regulatory Requirements for Businesses

CalRecycle on Mandatory Commercial Recycling

California State Law AB 1826 (2011) also requires commercial entities that generate specified amount of organic materials, such as green waste and food waste, to recycle these materials. For more information on the law and how to comply in Marina, please visit:

GreenWaste Recovery on Regulatory Requirements for Businesses

Business Requirements and Resources on Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling by CalRecycle

Please consider becoming a Certified Green Business. For more information please visit:

Monterey County Green Business Program

Construction and Demolition Debris:

State law requires 50% of construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling from specified building and all demolition projects. Planning for C&D recycling is important at the time of permit application. The options in Sand City for C&D Hauling Services include:

  1. Contact GreenWaste Recovery, the City’s franchised hauler of Drop-Box Services. See GreenWaste Recovery Drop-Box Services or call (831) 920-6707; or
  2. Self-Haul the materials to various recycling facilities. Be sure to keep your weight tickets as evidence of recycling and provide those tickets to City Hall.

For more information on C&D Recycling:


Helpful Links

Proper Disposal of Household Waste such as Paint, Cleaning Products, and Electronic Waste

Proper Disposal of Unused Medications and Medical Sharps

Protect your Central Coast to learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle in your home or business

Keep Monterey County Clean to report a litter problem

Green Waste Recovery, Inc.

In April, 2015 the City of Sand City entered into a franchise agreement with Green Waste Recovery, Inc. for garbage collection services in Sand City. Green Waste Recovery, Inc. provides garbage, recycle, and yard waste bins for solid waste, recycling, and organics collection services. Commercial restaurant businesses may have the option of a food waste bin. For more information you may visit their website at: www.greenwaste.com/sand-city

Green Waste Recovery Inc.

831-920-6707  Customer Service
877-203-8970  Toll Free

14207 Del Monte Blvd – Local Office
Marina, CA. 93933

P.O. Box 1928 – Mailing Address
Marina, CA. 93933

Monterey Regional Waste Management District

14201 Del Monte Boulevard
P.O. Box 1670
Marina, CA 93933-1670
Phone: (831) 384-5313
Fax: (831) 384-3567

Sand City falls within the jurisdiction of the Monterey Regional Waste Management District, who manages the regional landfill in Marina and implements a variety of recycling and reuse programs for the Monterey Peninsula. If you have items that are still usable, but you want to discard them, try the Last Chance Mercantile at the Monterey Regional Waste Management District facility in Marina. They also have a drop off facility for household hazardous materials.


California Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)

In compliance with California State Law and the CalRecycle, Sand City endeavors to promote its recycling programs to achieve a minimum of 50 percent diversion of waste generation from the landfill. Sand City has consistantly averaged over 50 percent.


County of Monterey – Recycling Resource and Recovery Services

Recycling Resource and Recovery Services

Sand City has participated in the countywide used oil and filter collection program sponsored by the County of Monterey since 1994. For a free used motor oil recycling container and filter bat and more information about the used oil recycling program, contact the Health Department.

1270 Natividad Road, Rm. 109
Salinas, CA 93906
Phone: (831) 755-4579
Fax: (831) 755-4780



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