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Planning Department

The Planning Department, under the direction of the City Planner, manages and enforces the Zoning Ordinance, Title 18 of the City’s Municipal Code.

The Planning Department is also responsible for the review of development proposals, organizing application processing, public hearings pertaining to such proposals and applications, and the issuance of development permits. Planning Department staff perform both long range and current planning projects. Long range projects include maintaining the City’s General Plan and Housing Element, Local Coastal Plan and Ordinance and Map. Current planning pertains mostly to processing land use and development applications; which includes architectural review, site plan review, land use proposals, property subdivisions, etc. The Planning Department is also responsible in the City’s dealings with regional, State, and Federal agencies involved with land use, land management, transportation, air quality, water quality, public health, and parks & recreation.

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City Hall : 1 Pendergrass Way, Sand City, CA 93955
Administration Office: (831) 394-3054 - Fax: (831) 394-2472
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