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    PHONE: (831) 394-1451

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    The Sand City Police Department, under the direction of the Chief of Police, Michael Klein, is dedicated to the enforcement of Local, State, and Federal laws in a just and impartial manner.  They are cognizant of both statutory and judicial limitations on police powers and continue to uphold the Constitutional rights guaranteed to all individuals. The Sand City Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, two sergeants, six officers and two reserves on a rotating 4-11 schedule.                                        


    Above and beyond the call of duty

    The Sand City Police Department is committed to serving the needs of residents, businesses and visitors in Sand City.  Beyond this however, the department firmly believes in reaching beyond the borders of the city to actively give back to the greater community in which they live.  By participating in a variety of programs that are educational, professional and charitable in nature, the Sand City Police Department proudly participates in the well being of their community.

    The department volunteers their time at annual events like the Big Sur International Marathon and half marathon, where officers provide and facilitate medical assistance along the entire route for participants needing anything from a band aid to cardiopulmonary defibrillation.  Teaming up with local nurses, the department coordinates volunteer time among Sand City Officers and staff.  Sand City officers also participate in The Love Run in a similar capacity.  Proceeds from the Love Run support rape crisis intervention in Monterey County and provide funds for rape intervention training. 

    During the holiday season, officers and staff volunteer to deliver meals for the Meals on Wheels program to individuals all over the Peninsula who, due to age, illness or other malady, are unable to attend a free turkey lunch and dinner put on at the Monterey County Fair Grounds.  The department also facilitates meetings and training sessions for S.A.R.T. Training Facilitators, or the Sexual Assault Response Team, which are often held at City Hall. 

    Additional programs and activities that the department participates in include:

    • R.O.P.E. and S.T.O.P.: Both of these programs involve cooperation between the various cities on the peninsula with regard to traffic. 
    • The Good Samaritan Center: Sand City has in its borders the only Salvation Army hygiene facility in Monterey County.  Here, many individuals are offered food, a clean place to shower and a laundry facility to wash clothes.
    • Regional S.W.A.T. Team: The Sand City Police Department provides one officer and related equipment to the Regional Special Weapons and Tactics team operating in Monterey County.  These dedicated individuals are chosen from the various police and sheriff organizations within the county. They are highly trained to take on those law enforcement needs that present special difficulties or require extraordinary training to complete. The department is very pleased that one of our officers has been chosen to this special group.
    • Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team:  Sand City Police Department is a proud member of the Narcotic Investigators working closely with other departments in stemming this serious and ever growing problem.
    • Violent Crime Investigating Unit: The Sand City Police Department has joined with many other departments in the battle against violent crime.  Because violence is ever-present in many of our communities, it is especially important that there is mutual cooperation among departments in this aspect of law enforcement.

    It is this type of dedication to the entire community that makes the service of the Sand City Police Department so outstanding.        

    For emergencies only, call 911 for immediate assistance.